An idea born out of necessity during 2020 which continued forever after.
Many things became impossible in 2020, including visiting family and friends.
And thereby, giving gifts to family and friends.
Especially when they live about 1000 km away...

So, to make the
impossible possible (with an extra dose of fun and design),
the concept of the customized Gift Map was launched!
Birthday Gift Route - London
Birthday Gift Route - London
Birthday Gift Route - Manhattan, New York City
Birthday Gift Route - Manhattan, New York City
Birthday Gift Route
Birthday Gift Route
As you can see, the map comes in many forms, but the main idea stays the same:
A treasure hunt full of gifts!

Instead of handing over a gift yourself, the postman will do it for you,
and the receiver will follow the map to your carefully selected gifts!

The Gift Map design process   —
You send us the details: the receiver's address/the given area/the dates

We carefully research gift options in the area & contact the sellers
We design a map leading from the address to those gifts
We transform the illustration into a card

You send it to the person in question

These maps are
fully customizable.

We are working
internationally and the end product will be sent to you digitally, so any city, town, or village in the middle of nowhere is within our reach.

So, do you need a gift for your aunt's birthday, your friend's housewarming, your grandpa's bingo victory, or simply a spontaneous gift for your biggest fan/enemy, let's create it together!

Let me know the specifics in the
contact form below:
- who is it for?
- what occasion?
- which date is it for?
- do you have a text you want to add?
- do you have specific gifts/shops in mind or shall I find them for you?
and any other additional info...
Yay, sent!I will come back to you soon.Thank you and have a lovely day!
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